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Can you pay for Netflix yearly?

Most streaming services have a yearly option, what about Netflix?

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Quick Answer: No, Netflix does not offer a yearly subscription. They toyed with the idea in 2019, but the company prefers monthly plans. Plus, consumers benefit from not being tied to a long-term commitment.

Netflix has come a long way since its early days as a mail-order DVD service.

Now it’s a full production house and a streaming service. Not to mention, they’re even getting into games.

Over the years, price increases have been a regular occurrence. Something has to pay for all those star-studded shows, right?

Multiple subscription tiers take some of the stings out, as you can pay for the plan that gives you what you need.

The thing is, many other streaming services offer a discount to subscribers for paying a year in advance.

So what about a Netflix annual plan? Is this something Netflix offers?

Can you pay for Netflix yearly?

Short answer: No

The company wants you to pay for your subscription every month, so unfortunately, there’s no Netflix yearly subscription available.

However, Netflix offers the option to receive an annual subscription as a gift.

You can purchase a Netflix gift card from various retailers, and the recipient can redeem it for a year’s subscription. It’s a perfect present for your favorite couch potato or TV show addict.

The streaming giant previously tested longer subscription periods in India in 2019. But presently, they’re no longer offering it.

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Those tests included a 50-percent discount for twelve-month plans, a 30-percent discount for six months, and 20 percent off three-month plans.

How much does a Netflix subscription cost per month?

Short answer: Prices start at $9.99 ($6.99 for the ad-supported tier.)

Netflix’s monthly pricing starts at $9.99 for the Basic package, and the price goes up from there.

Here are all of the prices for the various Netflix packages:

  • Ad-supported – $6.99
  • Basic – $9.99
  • Standard – $15.49
  • Premium – $19.99
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The Basic package allows unlimited access to TV shows and movies on one device and mobile downloads via a phone or tablet.

The ad-supported tier will have the same features as Basic, except there will be a few minutes of ads every hour.

So, can you pay for Netflix annually? Sadly, no. But that can be a good thing too.

Remember cable contracts? Yea, the last thing any subscriber wants is to be tied down to a long-term commitment.

We’re all okay with monthly subscription costs, but seeing it in one huge chunk like a yearly subscription would do could be a reason to cancel your subscription or consider other options.

That’s primarily why, in my opinion, Netflix opts out of yearly subscriptions. We can’t be mad at them for that.

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