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Can you refund games on the PlayStation Store?

Digital downloads are convenient, but what if you don’t like the game?

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Image: Sony

One of the main consumer protections that we have is the ability to return faulty or substandard items for a full refund. It’s often a lifeline if buying online, when you don’t get to see the item before you purchase it. That’s even more important in the digital world, where you can’t even see the product you’re buying even if you could see a physical disk.

I mean if you bought a physical disk you could take it back to the store, so is it the same for digital versions of games? Can you refund a digital game bought on the PlayStation Store, like you can on the Microsoft Store or on Steam?

So, can you actually refund games once you’ve played them from the PlayStation Store?

Short answer: No

See, Sony is still sticking to its prehistoric refund policies. That means you can’t refund any game, DLC, season pass or pre-order if you’ve already played the content, or even downloaded it. If you haven’t started the download, then you have 14 days from the point of purchase to request a refund from Sony.

Yes, that means turn off the Automatic Downloads setting if you think you might want to refund a pre-order or other content based on reviews when they come out, because just getting the data from the game on your console, even if it’s still encrypted before the release date will make it so you can’t get a refund.

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