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CES 2020 brings with it a toothbrush that can clean your teeth in under 10 seconds

CES brings out the best of the best.

y-brush toothbrush 10 second cleaner
Image: FasTeesH

It’s CES 2020 time, which means along with all the best in consumer tech, we also get all the weird and (sometimes) wonderful stuff as well. Enter FasTeesH, with their electric toothbrush that promises to get your teeth squeaky clean in under 10 seconds.

Sounds like a fresh idea, right?

This toothbrush can clean your teeth in under 10 seconds

Listen, we all know that brushing our teeth for the recommended two minutes, twice a day is a pain. I mean, that’s almost long enough to catch up on some of your inbox on the way to Inbox Zero, right? Now you can slash that time with the Y-Brush, which can brush all the teeth on one half of your mouth at once, in five seconds. Flip it over, put your other teeth in and you’ve got a full-mouth clean in 10 seconds. Nifty.

The Y-Brush has three vibration modes, a charging stand, and you’ll get about a month of brushes from a full charge. FasTeesH says you should change the brush every six months, and they’re $30 when you do. There’s a kid-size for children between four and twelve, and a medium size for anyone older than that.

  • You can get a kit with the Y-Brush, a USB charger, toothpaste applicator, and storage container for two brushes for $125
  • The Y-Brush was successfully Kickstarted in 2018 by almost 1500 people

Just think of all the extra time you’ll get by not having to stand in front of the bathroom mirror for four minutes a day. Or not, I mean FasTeesH doesn’t say how long it takes to apply toothpaste to the U-shaped brush so maybe you don’t gain that much back.

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