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Cheaters in Halo Infinite are becoming a massive problem – here’s what they’re up to

The game’s only been out for two weeks and it already has a cheater problem.

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Halo Infinite multiplayer has been out for a couple of weeks now after Microsoft surprised gamers with an early release this month. The multiplayer portion of this game is free-to-play, and that has unfortunately already led to an inevitable problem for the game’s PC version: cheaters.

In under two weeks, the game has already developed a community of cheaters. Fans of the game, from streamers like CourageJD and DougisRaw to regular gamers looking to have some fun, have taken to Twitter to express their concerns over the sudden appearance of hackers in the game.

When you’re developing a game on PC, hackers are definitely one of the biggest things that you have to look out for.

It was essentially inevitable that hackers were going to make their way into Halo Infinite, but we didn’t expect it to happen this fast.

Cheating could potentially be very difficult to combat from 343 Industries and Microsoft, considering the nature of Halo Infinite.

The game features free-to-play multiplayer, so cheaters are likely to care less about being banned as they can often just create a new account.

Combine that with the fact that some of these gamers are incredibly insecure and want to feel like the next Snip3down, and you have a real recipe for disaster.

Halo Infinite players want to opt-out of crossplay to avoid cheaters

At its core, Halo, and consequently Halo Infinite, is a console game. The franchise helped launch the Xbox console back in 2001, and it has been a staple on Microsoft’s consoles ever since.

This time around, Halo Infinite features crossplay between Xbox consoles and PC, which means that console players are just as susceptible to cheaters as PC gamers.

It’s a lot more difficult to install cheats on consoles, thanks to the unique hardware and software contained in the devices. This makes PC a much more attractive platform for potential hackers and cheaters. But with Halo Infinite’s crossplay, no one is safe from these losers.

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This has led many console gamers to demand the option to disable crossplay so that they won’t have to play with filthy PC cheaters. As PCGamer points out, gamers have taken to both Twitter and Reddit to request the ability to turn off cross-play until this cheater problem gets sorted out.

This is a really unfortunate revelation for a game that has so much promise. As a PC gamer myself, I can’t blame console gamers for wanting to distance themselves as far away from PC as possible if Halo Infinite is about to see a rampant increase of cheaters.

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