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The GTA Trilogy remaster flopped so hard that Rockstar is giving away the original games for free

The company says the games’ bugs will eventually be fixed as well.

gta trilogy glitch
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Just over a week ago, Rockstar launched its most recent money-grab, the GTA Trilogy remaster. But as it turns out, there wasn’t quite enough effort put into the remaster, and the games were launched full of ridiculous problems.

Now, the company is looking to save face by offering those who bought the remastered trilogy access to the original games for free.

Earlier this week, the company issued a statement that included an apology to fans for the state of the games that were released last week. “The updated versions of these classic games did not launch in a state that meets our own standards of quality, or the standards our fans have come to expect,” reads the statement.

Rockstar went on to confirm that it has a plan for addressing the massive list of bugs that exists in the remastered GTA Trilogy. In fact, there is an update that is currently in the works that should be coming in the next few days, with many more updates and improvements planned for the future.

As an attempt at some sort of apology for this ridiculous blunder, the company also said that it will be adding the classic PC versions of all three of these games back on the Rockstar Store as a bundle. Anyone who purchased the remastered trilogy will gain access to those games for free in their library.

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Hopefully, the company will get these bugs fixed as soon as possible. The release of the remaster GTA Trilogy always seemed like a bit of a cash-grab from Rockstar, and it looks much worse now that the games have been revealed to be in such a terrible state.

As of now, it looks like Rockstar got away with charging 60 bucks for a busted version of some games from two decades ago.

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