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Microsoft is launching Copilot, a Windows 11 AI assistant, soon

Microsoft says Windows Copilot will be available in preview for Windows 11 in June

Microsoft copilot demo screen showing all the new ai intergratrions
Image: Microsoft

Microsoft introduced the power of AI to the Edge browser with Bing Chat, and now, they are going to embed an AI assistant in Windows 11. It is called Copilot, and Microsoft says it’s coming as soon as June.

Windows Copilot is all set to arrive in a Windows preview version via an icon in the taskbar. Clicking the icon launches the chat interface, where users can type questions or prompts, essentially acting as a personal assistant.

According to Microsoft’s marketing chief of consumer products, Yusuf Mehdi, the company will begin rolling it out in Preview in June. 

About the new Copilot AI

Copilot is seamlessly integrated into Windows 11 and resembles sidebars found in Edge, Office apps, and GitHub. Users can access it from the taskbar anywhere in Windows 11.

The AI tool will be capable of executing tasks, such as summarizing documents, making music suggestions, customizing settings, and providing tech support for your PC.

The new chat feature is said to be more advanced than the Bing Chat integration Microsoft introduced to the Windows 11 taskbar earlier this year.

However, it won’t replace the search bar on Windows 11’s taskbar. Copilot AI is coming as a separate button. It is more like how Cortana had its own home on the Windows 10 taskbar.

The windows copilot is providing answers to complex questions and allowing users to control their windows environment with actions to help them focus, as well as summarizing and composing text from any app. Full text: x copilot get answers to complex questions for example, you could ask "help me plan for my fishing trip. " take actions on your pc control your windows environment with actions like "adjust my settings so i can focus. " work across documents summarize and compose text from any app - start by copying text to clipboard. Let's learn together. Windows copilot is powered by al so surprises and mistakes are possible. Make sure to check the facts, and share feedback so we can learn and improve! Ask me anything... Q search lo 11:11 a 5/23/2023
Image: Microsoft

Windows Copilot is also based on the same foundation as Bing Chat. So, Microsoft is allowing developers to extend plug-ins designed for OpenAI’s ChatGPT to this new AI assistant.

And due to that, Windows Copilot will arrive with multiple new functionalities, with more to come down the road.

Although Microsoft has been hinting about integrated AI features for the past few months, no one expected the company to push out the new AI assistant so quickly.

Microsoft says Windows Copilot will be available in preview for Windows 11 in June, so stay tuned. I imagine we’re in for a long ride.

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