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New Discord feature is literally just forums

Now a whole new generation gets to experience discovery through online forums.

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Years ago, the internet was abundant with various forums that covered every topic of interest that someone might have. Now, Discord is bringing them back with its new Forum Channels.

Instead of each forum having its own web browser URL, it will have its own channel within a Discord server.

For example, you could join an Elden Ring server, and it may have a Forum Channel. That channel could consist of different posts specific to bosses or enemies in the game or various weapon and class builds.

The platform revealed Discord Forum Channels as a way to organize conversations in a post on its website earlier this week. They’ll seemingly work similarly to other Discord channels, though with a new layout.

Discord Forum Channels are their own, separate channels that you’ll find underneath the regular channels in a server. When you hop into a Forum Channel, you’ll notice things are laid out a little differently.

Instead of free-range chatting on different topics, you’ll see a list of different posts with different topics. Once you select one of those posts, you will see users discussing the topic. Think of it like hopping into a Reddit post.

discord forum channels example
Image: Discord

The old days of forums were really quite nice. There was always a sense of accomplishment and community when you discover or create a forum post that ends up being a lively discussion on a topic or game you’re passionate about.

I expect Discord’s new Forum Channels could be quite the hit, especially among the younger generations who aren’t as familiar with forums as us seasoned internet users.

Discord Forum Channels are rolling out starting today. So keep your eye out for the new channels in any servers that you are a part of.

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