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Does the Samsung Galaxy S21 have an SD slot?

Samsung looks to be moving away from expandable storage in favor of the cloud.

galaxy s21 ultra camera
Image: Samsung

The Galaxy S21 series phones were released in January 2021, and they come with some pretty noticeable changes and it seems that keeping prices low is a priority for Samsung with the latest line of Galaxy phones.

Following the lead of the latest iPhone, the Galaxy S21 series of phones will not come with a charger in the box. This is an effort to cut down on electronic waste, considering the charging port has not changed and most people already have a USB-C charger that will work with the Galaxy S21. Instead, the phones will only come with the USB-C cord that will fit the phone’s charging port.

This might lead to other questions about what users can expect with the S21 handsets from Samsung. One of the biggest questions is whether or not the Galaxy S21 has support for microSD storage. The answer may surprise some people.

Can you add a microSD storage device to your Galaxy S21?

Short Answer: No

It seems like Samsung is once again attempting to move away from expandable storage on the Galaxy line of phones. A spokesperson did tell The Verge that the company is looking to become more affordable, stating that upgrading from 128 to 256 gigabytes of storage will only cost $50.

However, this means that the maximum physical storage that you can get on a Galaxy S21 phone is 512 gigabytes. The 512-gigabyte version is also only available on the S21 Ultra version of the phone, which means you’ll have to dish out a few extra bucks to have that much storage.

Compared with the possibility of over a terabyte of storage thanks to microSD slots on previous Galaxy models, the newest iteration definitely seems like a step backward. However, it is important to note that cloud storage is still available. Also, the Galaxy S21 line is significantly cheaper than its predecessor. Some of that price cut is most likely due to not having expandable storage options.

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