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Facebook doesn’t really plan on changing how it deals with Donald Trump

This was brought to light during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing.

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This week, the Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing with Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and co-founder of Facebook, and Jack Dorsey, CEO and co-founder of Twitter. Lawmakers had a bunch of questions for them regarding the platforms and their stances on content moderation, misinformation, and more.

With much of the conversation being around content on the platform, one thing that did come up was how each of these platforms would treat Donald Trump once he leaves office. While we already knew how Twitter plans on handling him, Dorsey did confirm during the hearing that he would lose his special presidential privileges.

Zuckerberg, on the other hand, said Facebook plans on basically continuing on as it has done for the past four years – by doing almost nothing. According to The New York Times, Facebook has slapped some misinformation labels on a handful of Trump’s posts since Election Day, but that is probably all we should expect from Facebook.

Facebook notes that this is because of how it handles posts by world leaders, they don’t fact-check them. A spokesperson confirmed as much, but did note that it may fact-check Trump more once he leaves office, but didn’t go far as to say would it would do if Trump continued to spread blatant misinformation.

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