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Facebook has dismantled a Russian propaganda network sharing fake war news

The platform is also adding new security measures in the region to combat misinformation and targeting.

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As the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues, Facebook is working hard to combat any misinformation related to the war. The platform has already dismantled a misinformation network comprised of about 40 different accounts.

Facebook’s parent company, Meta, released a statement yesterday updating people on the heightened security work it is currently doing in Ukraine. In the update, Facebook described a “relatively small network of about 40 accounts, Pages, and Groups on Facebook and Instagram.”

The operation was comprised of several fake personas and brands. A handful of websites masquerading as news outlets operated the profiles. Facebook says the operation was “publishing claims about the West betraying Ukraine and Ukraine being a failed state.”

Facebook is increasing security against misinformation in Ukraine and Russia

Additionally, Facebook has noticed an increase in activity from a known bad actor called Ghostwriter. Ghostwriter has allegedly been trying to target Facebook users to post YouTube videos portraying Ukraine as weak.

Ghostwriter typically targets people through email compromise and then uses that to gain access to their social media accounts and post disinformation as if it’s coming from the legitimate account owners. We detected attempts to target people on Facebook to post YouTube videos portraying Ukrainian troops as weak and surrendering to Russia, including one video claiming to show Ukrainian soldiers coming out of a forest while flying a white flag of surrender.– From Meta’s blog post

In fact, one video they’ve been using claims to show Ukrainian soldiers waving a white flag of surrender to Russian attackers. But the platform says it is taking steps to secure any accounts that it thinks Ghostwriter targeted.

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Facebook has added a few security features for users in Ukraine and Russia during this time. Users now have the ability to lock their profiles from other users.

Additionally, the platform has blocked the ability to search a user’s friends list, making it harder for people to be targeted.

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This is definitely a scary time for people all over the world. But it’s good to see that Facebook is being proactive about combatting misinformation and adding security measures during this time.

The platform also says it will continue to add measures to protect people’s privacy and security through these hard times.

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