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Fortnite Nerf guns finally exist, a soaking dream of perfect branding

Soak me IRL

Fortnite nerf guns
Image: Nerf

Usually, when we talk about the word “nerf” in relation to Epic Games’ still popular battle royale Fortnite, we are talking about weapons being removed from the game. Perhaps that subliminal connection between nerf the verb and Nerf the brand was too strong. Or perhaps a branding partnership was always in the works. Regardless of its origin, Fortnite branded Nerf guns now exist.

Forget Apex Legends, that game doesn’t have actual toy guns you can play with. Fortnite does. If you have kids or work in one of those offices where all the I.T. guys have drawers full of Nerf guns and spend the afternoon shooting each other instead of fixing bugs in the latest app update, then you have a hate/love relationship with Nerf guns. Sure, they are fun to fire at each other, but nobody likes walking around and quietly picking up all the foam darts.

Styled after the guns in the game and branded with the Fortnite logo, Nerf has released eight Nerf products for pre-order under the Hasbro Pulse banner. Your Nerf collection will not be complete until you throw out your Power Rangers branded Nerf toys and replace them all with Fortnite Nerf toys. Every dart to the eye is a mini victory royale, every crotch shot from a Super Soaker is another victory royale.

What type of Nerf guns will be available?

Fortnite nerf super soaker

Image: Nerf

The Fortnite Nerf line starts at $9.99 each for three MicroShots dart guns. One looks like a mini rocket launcher, one a mini sub-machine gun and one Loot Llama. These are entry level Nerf guns, the ones you buy for four-year-olds and your grandparents. These are the ones your cheap ass boss buys to try to be part of the team but still gets a round of automatic darts to the neck whenever they get involved. Stay in your office and out of the pit when a Nerf battle is going down. Call HR and we’ll push your car into the lake.

Next up are the Super Soakers. There is one that looks like a pistol for $9.99, which the rocket launcher and automatic shotgun Super Soakers are $19.99. There is no better feeling than getting your friends wet, wait, let me rephrase that. There is no better feeling than spraying your friends with lukewarm water, no, that’s not better. There is no better feeling than filling your weapon with fluid and pumping it all over… never-mind.

The Fortnite Nerf lined is rounded out with a silenced pistol shaped dart blaster for $19.99, single shot, and the motorized dart blaster AR-L Elite, modeled after the AR in the game. This one retails for $49.99, because batteries. This is the gun that you want, this is the one that screams dart dominance to your face and will win all the office battles or kid skirmishes.

Popular games and properties always find some creative branding, but this one seems pretty logical. Replicating the colorful guns from the game as Nerf weapons hopefully didn’t take too many late night marketing meetings. Fortnite’s popularity hasn’t faded enough for it to not be a marketable property so go get your Nerf guns and get your IRL battle royale on. And be glad there aren’t Fortnite branded shopping carts, yet.

What do you think? Need these in your life or are these Nerf guns a hard pass? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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