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Google is testing its own Play Pass subscription service for gaming

Apple Arcade who?

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Image: Digital Trends

If the current gaming climate of subscription plans has got you steaming, look away now. Google is working on a Play Pass subscription service for all-you-can-tap Android gaming.

It’s testing now with a small group of users, who pay $4.99 per month to play from a selection of hundreds of premium apps and games.

Google is testing out an Android gaming subscription

Image: Android Police

Google is readying its own Android app subscription to go head-to-head with Apple Arcade. The Play Pass comes with a huge list of premium apps and games, like Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Hatoful Boyfriend, Knights of the Old Republic, Monument Valley and more.

Our mini-boss, Josiah Motley, is probably going to be all over this because I spotted Stardew Valley in the screenshots and he does love him some hoeing.

  • The $4.99 monthly fee gives you access to a curated list of premium apps and games
  • All ads are removed and all in-app purchases are unlocked
  • There’s also a Family plan option, although we don’t know the pricing on that yet

Bear in mind, this is still in the testing phases so it’s anyone’s guess as to when it’ll go public. The price is probably also not final, but if it stays at the current pricing it’ll be a virtual steal with all those in-app purchases unlocked.

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