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Google Pixel 8A to get 120Hz refresh rate and better availability

Pixel 8A inches a lot closer to the vanilla Pixel 8 with the new upgrades.

New Google Pixel 8A Render in Rose Colorway
Image: Smartprix

Google’s Pixel A series handsets are considered some of the best budget handsets Android has to offer. The company is gearing up to launch its next addition to the A series lineup, the Pixel 8A.

While the recent FCC appearance made it clear the new Pixel A handset will launch soon, there’s still no official release date. However, Google is largely speculated to unveil the Pixel 8A at the upcoming Google I/O 2024, set for May 14. 

In the meantime, Android Authority has reported a few upgrades the Pixel 8A is expected to bring. However, the report also indicates that there will be more than a few disappointments. 

A new and improved display for the Pixel 8A

Pixel 8a Rose Color Render
Image: Smartprix

One of the notable upgrades last year’s Pixel 7A received was its 90Hz display. A high refresh rate panel was absent from 2022’s Pixel 6A.

According to the report, Google is bumping it further. While the resolution and the display size will remain the same, Google will add 120Hz support for the Pixel 8A’s display with 1,400 nits of peak HDR brightness, matching the specs of its higher-end Pixel 8. 

In addition, the report reveals that Google is sourcing the display from two manufacturers, likely BOE and Samsung, which is similar to the Pixel 8. 

Hence, the displays will be closely related and should perform the same.

Pixel 8APixel 8 Pixel 7A
Screen Size6.1-inch6.2-inch6.1-inch
Refresh Rate 120Hz 120Hz 90Hz
Resolution2,400 x 1,0802,400 x 1,0802,400 x 1,080
Brightness 1,400 nits1,400 nits1,000 nits

Pixel 8A will get the DisplayPort output support, making it the first Pixel to get this feature at launch. 

Pixel 8 and 8 Pro already had this feature at launch, but it was unusable. However, Google recently enabled it in a limited form with the Android 14 QPR3 beta. 

Still, no camera upgrades for the Pixel 8A, but the new Tensor G3 is coming  

Pixel 8A High-Quality Render
Image: Smartprix

Pixel A series handsets are always revered for their camera capabilities, even though the camera hardware lags behind the competition. 

However, Google finally ditched its old 12MP primary Sony IMX363 camera sensor with the Pixel 7A in favor of a 64MP Sony IMX787.

Unfortunately, Google will stick to the same camera setup for this year.

That said, the processing power is improving this year with the Google Yensor G3 SoC. However, it will be marginal.

Tensor G3 is the same SoC on Google’s Pixel 8 series flagships. The new processor was a minor upgrade from its predecessor, the Tensor G2. However, in the case of the Pixel 8A, it could be a significant leap. 

Similar to the Pixel 7A, the Pixel 8A will use a slightly tweaked version of the G3. The plastic package differs while the silicon die inside the chip is the same.

The G3 on the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro uses FOPLP (Fan-Out Panel Level Packaging), while on the Pixel 8A, it will be using IPoP (Integrated Package on Package), which is thicker, hitter and cheaper than FOPLP, according to Samsung. 

Improving the Pixel 8A availability wider 

Brand New Renders of the Google Pixel 8A
Image: Smartprix

While the Pixel A series smartphones were desirable, Google has always made their availability limited. 

To clarify, Google made the Pixel 7A only available in 21 countries, while Apple already sells its devices in over 140 countries. 

However, it looks like Google will be making the situation better with the Pixel 8A. According to the report, the 8A will be adding the following regions to its list. 

  • Czech Republic
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • Hungary
  • Lithuania
  • Latvia
  • Poland
  • Romania
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia

That said, these are only predictions and not confirmations. Even though the source is reliable, it is best not to take them to heart and get excited. 

It is best to wait for the official announcement, which will likely happen at the Google I/O 2024, slated for May 14, which is only months away. 

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