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Google Pixel 8A: news, rumors, features, price, and release date

The Pixel 8A is expected to drop at Google I/O in May 2024. Here’s everything we know about Google’s next mid-range smartphone.

pink google pixel 8 on a purple background
Image: KnowTechie

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Google’s upcoming Pixel 8A smartphone isn’t a flagship like its siblings, the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro. It’s a mid-range device that usually keeps the camera prowess of the flagship device, but with trimmed specs to hit the lower price point.

Google launched the first A series smartphone in 2019, the Pixel 3A and 3A XL. The mid-range smartphones were an instant hit among the fans and were considered one of the best Android smartphones. 

Since then, Google has come a long way and released a new Pixel A series smartphone every year, which guarantees the Pixel 8A for 2024, right? 

Google usually makes subtle changes to the design every year with new chipsets and camera capabilities. 

While the recent leaks indicate the same, taking them with a pinch of salt is recommended until there is an official announcement from Google.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the latest leaks and rumors about Google’s upcoming premium mid-range Android smartphone, the Pixel 8A.

Google Pixel 8A release date

Brand New Renders of the Google Pixel 8A
Image: Smartprix

Usually, there will be a Google Pixel 8A. However, this time, things may not be so sure.

According to an early report, Google’s plans for the Pixel 8A are in turmoil. The device apparently has an internal “codename of “Akita,” ”Akita” codename, but it might not get released.

Reportedly, the company is planning a biennial schedule for Pixel A smartphones, meaning a launch every other year, which would make it fall in the same category as Apple’s iPhone SE.

Google launched the Pixel 7A in 2023, and if we go by the initial report, the next A-series phone could land in 2025, but by then, it wouldn’t be Pixel 8A but Pixel 9A. 

However, there have been a few recent developments that indicate the device is in development after all. Even a few alleged images of the device are floating around. 

Pixel 3A and 3A XL May 7, 2019
Pixel 4A and 4A 5G August 3, 2020
Pixel 5A August 17, 2021
Pixel 6A May 11, 2022
Pixel 7A May 10, 2023

Now that we have established the Pixel 8A is likely in the works, it begs the question, when will it be released? 

Usually, Google unveils the Pixel A series smartphones in May during its annual I/O developers conference

However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Google did launch some A-series phones later in the year. 

As the pandemic slows, we expect Google to follow its usual schedule and launch the Pixel 8A in May at Google I/O 2024, just over half a year after the Pixel 8 series dropped. 

Google Pixel 8A pricing

Now that we know the Pixel 8A is likely to be shown off at Google I/O, what price could it launch at?

Pixel 3A and 3A XL$399 and $479
Pixel 4A and 4A 5G$349 and $499
Pixel 5A $449
Pixel 6A $449
Pixel 7A $499

If we look at the price history of the Pixel A series smartphones, they have never crossed the $500 mark.

The Pixel 7A got close, launching at $499. So, does the Pixel 8A launch at $499?

If the Pixel 8A launches, we expect it to have the same price as its predecessor, the Google Pixel 7A. 

Google increased the prices of the flagship Pixel 8 and 8 Pro this year to $699 and $999, respectively.

We don’t think the company will increase the price of its A-series smartphone, as Google already raised the price of Pixel 7A last year. 

And we don’t see the company raising the price of its mid-range phone for two consecutive years. 

Google Pixel 8A design, hardware, and battery life

Design & dimensions

Google Pixel 8A dummy front view
Source: xleaks7

Judging from the previous Pixel A series smartphones, the Pixel 7A and the Pixel 6A, the upcoming Pixel 8A should have a familiar design. 

If we look back, the Pixel A series has followed the same design language as the rest of the Google Pixel family. However, we don’t have to speculate much, as a leak has revealed high-quality renders of the Pixel 8A. 

Thanks to OnLeaks and Smartprix, we had a clear look at the Google Pixel 8A in a rose colorway, which makes it clear that the company has taken design cues from the 7A and Pixel 8.

However, another leak has revealed a real-life look at the Google Pixel 8A that shows well-rounded corners, an aluminum camera bar/visor, all in a blue color similar to the Pixel 7A’s Artic Blue colorway.

Alleged Google Pixel 8A leak showcasing the smartphone
Image: KnowTechie/X

The device will be available in more colors. For example, the leaked renders showcased the device in a rose colorway. But it’s still too early to confirm the rest of the colors. 

According to the leaked render that showcased the device in a rose colorway, the Pixel 8A looks a bit slimmer and smaller, and even the leaked dimensions of the device support the claim – 152.1 x 72.6 x 8.9mm.

In contrast, the Pixel 7A’s measurements were 152.4 x 72.9 x 9.0mm. The leak also mentions a 6.1-inch display. 

However, recently leaked Pixel 8A dummy images also revealed a slightly different measurement.

The image displays three views of Google Pixel 8A dummy: front, back inside a clear case, and side held by a person's hand on a wooden surface.
Source: xleaks7

The details came through a LinkedIn post, revealing the dummy unit measurements to be 153.44 x 72.74 x 8.94mm, which differs from the previous leak, making the Pixel 8A slightly taller yet slimmer than its predecessor. 

Pixel 8A cameras

Pixel devices are known for their cameras, and Pixel 8’s camera system is identical to the Pixel 7’s. The only notable differences were the new primary sensor and a wider aperture across the board.

However, the Pixel 8A will never have the same camera system as the regular Pixel 8 series. But you can expect the same camera system as the Pixel 7A, which includes a 64MP primary, a 12MP ultrawide, and a 13MP selfie.

That said, the software is powering the regular Pixel and the A series smartphones, so they should have the same capabilities unless the limited hardware prohibits it.

Pixel 8A features & specs

Pixel 8A High-Quality Render
Image: Smartprix

Google used its Tensor SoC for the first time in 2021 with the Pixel 6 series, and the company hasn’t looked back since.

All the Pixel A series smartphones have had the Tensor chip their corresponding mainline entry carried. So, while it’s not confirmed, we expect the Pixel 8A to feature the Tensor G3, the same as the premium Pixel 8 series.

The RAM and storage options are also supposed to stay the same this year with the Pixel 8A. It means the same options as the Pixel 7A with 8GB of RAM and a minimum of 128GB of storage.

It is only our speculation, but a recent Geekbench leak further backs it up. However, we recommend that you take this info with a grain of salt since it is too early to conclude anything.

The Pixel 8A is rumored to retain the 6.1-inch screen size, featuring the 90Hz refresh rate introduced last year.  

Regarding additional features, Google introduced wireless charging to its A-series smartphones last year. While it was slow, we don’t expect it to change this year. 

We expect the Pixel 8A to come with Android 14 out-of-the-box, similar to the premium Pixel 8 series.

However, we don’t think Google’s new update commitment of seven years of upgrades and security patches applies to the mid-range Pixel A series. So, expect the usual three Android upgrades and five years of security patches.

Do not expect radical changes and improvements with the Google Pixel 8A

pixel 8 and 8 pro on a purple background
Image: KnowTechie

Based on the leaks and rumors, the Pixel 8A won’t make any giant leaps in hardware and features.

According to the reports, you will get the same 6.1-inch screen with a 90Hz refresh rate and slightly rounded edges.

The camera hardware will be the same as the Pixel 7A and may feature the same slow wireless charging introduced last year.

The most significant question mark is on the pricing. Many users anticipate Google may increase the Pixel 8A price as they did the same with the premium Pixel 8 series.

However, we don’t think it’s going to happen. Google increased the price by $50 last year with the Pixel 7A, and the company is unlikely to do the same for two consecutive years.

That said, Pixel 8A is still far from its release (ideally May 2024 at Google I/O). So, more leaks and rumors are bound to appear within that time, painting a clearer picture of the following A-series smartphone.

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