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Here’s why Facebook, YouTube, and more are removing that dumb Plandemic video

Imagine living in 2020 and blindly trusting a YouTube video.

plandemic documentary
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If you’ve been on Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter in the last 36 hours, you’ve almost certainly seen the Plandemic video making its rounds. It’s a well-shot, dramatic 26-minute “documentary” teaser about some doctor that unweaves a tale of conspiracies and bold claims about the coronavirus and, at first glance, seems like it could be world-shattering news. The thing is, it’s all bullshit.

From the very beginning of this “documentary”, the lies start rolling. The “doctor” in question spits out inaccuracy after inaccuracy (all of which quick Google searches can confirm) and oh man, what a coincidence that this “doctor” also has a new book coming out that they are promoting on the internet. What a coincidence… how wild, right?

Not only is there just a bunch of lies in the video regarding this “doctor’s” history with the medical community, but it also makes ridiculous claims about face masks and how they can “reactivate” the coronavirus and other very stupid things.

To build on its hype, sites like Facebook and YouTube have been removing uploads of the video, just fueling the conspiracy theory fire. But, there’s a reason for that. Social sites have been taking a harder stance on the spread of misinformation.

Facebook tells Digital Trends that the reason the Plandemic video is being removed is because “[s]uggesting that wearing a mask can make you sick could lead to imminent harm, so we’re removing the video.” YouTube also had a comment regarding the video, stating it is removing the video for “medically unsubstantiated diagnostic advice for COVID-19.” Twitter is also doing its part, blocking hashtags like #Plandemicmovie from search results and its trending section.

While there is certainly a conversation about censorship here, at the end of the day, it’s important to remember that these social sites don’t owe you shit. They can remove what they want. You signed up for them, acknowledging their policies when you did.

This article has been updated to include more source links.

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