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How to bulk delete Instagram posts, comments, and interactions

Ready for a fresh start on Instagram? Here’s how to bulk delete Instagram comments, posts, and more.

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To streamline erasing the past, Instagram allows you to manage all of the content and interactions on your profile. That means you can bulk delete Instagram posts, comments, and more.

If you have posts, comments, or anything else you don’t want to be kept on the permanent record, Instagram’s bulk manage feature is the ideal cleanup tool. At this stage, the process only works on the mobile app, so desktop users are stuck managing content the hard way.

For mobile users, erasing the past is as simple as selecting the items you want to remove and choosing to either delete or archive. Let’s discuss how you can bulk manage content on Instagram.

How to bulk Instagram posts and comments in bulk

Here’s how you can bulk delete any of your Instagram content using the mobile app (Android and iOS):

Launch the Instagram app and tap your Profile picture instagram menu
Tap the Menu (hamburger) button and select Your Activity screenshot showing activity on instagram
Choose either Photos and videos or Interactions and find the content you want to remove how to bulk delete on instagram
Tap Select and tick all unwanted content or interactionsinstagram bulk delete content
Tap Deletearchiving social media content

If you’re attempting to remove likes, you’ll see an Unlike option in place of Delete. All deleted items move to the Recently deleted section of Your Activity where you can restore them if necessary.

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When selecting media content, you can also opt to archive, which places your photos and videos in the Archived section of Your Activity.

In this section, tapping the title at the top of the screen allows you to switch between Stories, Posts, and Live. If you want to remove or restore any media, you’ll need to open the content, tap the More options button, and choose either Show on Profile or Delete.

Bulk delete Instagram posts and comments for a fresh start

Instagram understands the importance of erasing the past. At a time when old social media posts could be used against you in the court of public opinion, having the option to swiftly destroy mass amounts of evidence is convenient.

With Instagram’s bulk manage feature, you can remove all of your past transgressions or archive them for later enjoyment.

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