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How to enable Quiet mode on Instagram

Take a break from the constant notifications.

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Quick Answer: To enable Quiet Mode on Instagram, tap the three-line menu to access your profile. Select Settings and then tap on Notifications. From there, select and toggle Quiet mode and adjust the time window.

Instagram has a Quiet mode that lets you turn off notifications and ignore the platform during certain hours of the day.

With Quiet mode enabled, Instagram will block all of your notifications. It will also send an automated DM reply and change your status to show others you have Quiet mode enabled.

You can set up Quiet mode through the settings in the app. The platform will also suggest that teens turn on Quiet mode after they’ve spent a certain amount of time on the app.

Additionally, you can adjust the hours for automatic Quiet mode, similar to the Do-Not-Disturb mode found on most smartphones. Keep reading to learn how to set it up.

How to turn on Quiet mode on the Instagram app

Fortunately, Instagram makes it pretty easy to turn on Quiet mode. The feature is in the settings and enabled with a simple toggle switch.

Head to your profile and tap the three-line menuinstagram profile three line menu
Select Settingsinstagram settings button
Tap Notificationsinstagram settings notification button
Select the Quiet mode optioninstagram notifications quiet mode option
Toggle Quiet mode on and adjust the time windowinstagram quiet mode toggle

That’s how you can manually set up Quiet mode. Once enabled, it will automatically turn on Quiet mode during the specified times.

Additionally, Instagram will prompt you at other times to enable Quiet mode.

instagram dm turn on quiet mode
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For example, when you DM someone with Quiet mode enabled, you’ll see an automated response with the option to turn it on yourself.

Get a little extra peace of mind

instagram quiet mode
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Quiet mode is a nice quality-of-life addition to Instagram. It can help you avoid the lure of the platform by eliminating constant notifications.

And when Quiet mode ends, you’ll get a summary of all the notifications and anything you missed while you’re gone.

It’s pretty easy to set up, so check out Quiet mode to take a break from the constant connection.

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