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Does Instagram notify people when you screenshot a story?

Some social platforms send alerts when you screenshot content. Is the same true for Instagram?

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If you’ve ever taken a screenshot of an Instagram story, you’ve undoubtedly felt a little paranoid about the other person finding out.

There might be a genuine reason why you took the screenshot in the first place. Perhaps someone uploaded a funny meme, and you wanted to pass it on to someone else.

Or maybe someone added a sentimental photo to their story, and you wanted to treasure it as a memory. 

On the other hand, you may be curious as to whether people are screenshotting your stories, photos, and messages. So, does Instagram notify users when someone screenshots a story or anything else? Read on to find out.

Does Instagram notify when you screenshot a story, post, or Reel?

Short answer: No 

When screenshotting or screen recording someone’s Instagram story, Instagram won’t send a notification to that person. You can also screenshot Instagram posts and Reels without worrying about the other user being notified. 

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So, this is good news if you want to screenshot a story on Instagram without the person knowing. But it’s bad news if you upload something to your story and want to know when someone takes a screenshot.

This hasn’t always been the case, though. Instagram briefly tested a feature in 2018 that would notify users when someone screenshotted their story, but the social media giant abandoned it not long after and hasn’t brought it back since.

Does Instagram ever send notifications for screenshots?

Short answer: Yes, when you screenshot a disappearing photo or video in DMs

Although you’re safe to screenshot stories, posts, and Reels without Instagram notifying the user, the same can’t be said for disappearing photos and videos sent as direct messages.

If someone sends you a photo or clip that can only be viewed for a short time and you decide to screenshot it, they will see a star symbol next to the item in the message thread.

Additionally, when they go into their direct messages inbox, there’ll be text saying “screenshot taken” underneath your name. 

However, you can screenshot someone’s direct message without them getting a notification. They’ll only know that you’ve read the message as it will say “seen”.

Don’t be a creep when screenshotting on Instagram

There are plenty of reasons to screenshot an Instagram Story or Reel. Maybe there’s a movie recommendation you want to remember or a recipe you want to check out. But don’t screenshot things that could be private or posted by mistake.

When it comes to screenshotting DMs on Instagram, we’ve also covered everything you need to know about that topic. Again, the rules are the same. Don’t be a creep. It’s literally that simple.

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