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How to remove any mention of Wordle from your Twitter feed

Muting words on Twitter once again comes in clutch.

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If you are an avid Twitter user, you’ve almost certainly come across the dreaded “Wordle” tweets. I don’t know what they are referencing, but apparently, it is a web-based game you can play for free. I’m glad others are enjoying it, but I’m simply not interested.

I’m certainly not alone in this (shoutout to Chris Breen for the idea), so if you are sick of seeing these tweets, you thankfully have options. Muting words on Twitter is a great way to keep your feed clean of spoilers and people you would rather not think about, so it’s the perfect option in this instance.

Follow along below and free yourself from the grasp of Wordle.

How to block Wordle and its emojis from Twitter

If you want to make sure you remove any mention of Wordle from your timeline, you’ll need to mute both the word and some of the emojis the tweets use. We’ll show you how:

Muting Wordle on Twitter from desktop:

wordle mute on twitter
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  1. Open Twitter
  2. Click More on the left side, followed by Settings & Privacy
  3. Navigate to Privacy and Safety
  4. Select Mute and Block
  5. Click the Plus sign and add 🟩, 🟨, and Wordle separately

And boom, there you go, you’ve eradicated the plague known as Wordle from your timeline. If you would prefer to do it from the app, follow along below.

How to mute Wordle through the Twitter app

Blocking Wordle on mobile is a similar process, but we’ll guide you through it below:

  1. Open the Twitter app

  2. Tap your Profile icon twitter trending section

  3. Then, tap Settings & Privacy settings and privacy menu

  4. Choose Privacy and Safety settings on the mobile app

  5. From there, tap Mute and Block privacy settings for muting and blocking

  6. Tap Muted Words twitter mute words function on mobile

  7. Then, tap the Plus sign (or add button on some devices) and add 🟩, 🟨, and Wordle separately muting wordle on twitter app

And voila, you have now muted Wordle through the Twitter app.

This should all but remove any mention of Wordle from your feed. If you decide to join in on the “fun,” make sure to go back into your muted words and remove this so you can see others’ tweets about it.

Have any thoughts on this? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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