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How to schedule messages in Slack

Never ping someone at midnight again.

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Slack is a great platform for both work teams and personal groups and it is packed with features. For those that use it for work, there are plenty of things you can do to fully utilize the service.

Employees all over the world can connect and that makes it extremely beneficial, but what do you do when someone across the world needs to receive a message but you don’t want to ping them at midnight their time. That’s where scheduling messages come into play.

If you want to schedule messages in Slack, we’ll show you how in just a couple of quick steps.

Here’s how to schedule messages in Slack

If you want to schedule a message in Slack, you can do that on both desktop and in the iOS and Android app. Here’s how.

On desktop:

  1. Find the person or room you want to schedule a message in

  2. Draft your message

  3. Click the down arrow located to the right of the text box how to schedule a message in slack

  4. Decide on a date and time to send the message

That’s it, you can now schedule messages on the desktop version of Slack.

On Android and iOS

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If you are using Slack on Android or iOS, scheduling messages is a similar process. Simply type out your message and then long-press the Send arrow.

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That will bring up the screen above, where you can enter the time and date you want to send the message. Make the adjustments necessary and confirm.

That’s it, you now know how to schedule messages on Slack so there’s no excuse for pinging someone at midnight ever again. Unless it’s Kevin, then please, send messages at the worst times, he deserves it, I swear.

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