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Use these simple web tools to wipe away all of your embarrassing old tweets

Make sure to save your Twitter archive first.

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Unless you’re a literal saint, we’ve all got some skeletons in our social media closets. Maybe it’s an off-color joke or something that you accidentally retweeted on Twitter and didn’t bother to go and correct.

Either way, it’s not the kind of stuff that you want hanging around, easily visible to new employers, existing ones, or potential lifemates. It’s debatable if they deserve to lose out if the infraction was five days ago, but either way, there are a few easy-to-use services that can wipe those stupid tweets of days gone by from your timeline.

One proviso before we continue, none of these services can remove them from anywhere that has archived your tweets, but not having them easily searchable from your Twitter profile is great and can improve your Twitter analytics report template.

Here’s how to use remove your Twitter history

Okay, so the first thing to do is to choose a service to wipe those tweets from existence. Both TweetDelete and TwitWipe have free options so you can clear off your timeline with no cash changing hands. TweetDelete also has a $9.99 one-time payment to give you a bunch of premium options, if you find you need those.

There are also a few monthly paid services like TweetDeleter or TweetEraser. TweetDeleter lets you destroy 3,000 tweets per day, while setting autodelete for tweets past a certain age, all for $5.99 a month. You can also pay $7.50 a month for the ability to wipe your whole history at once, and it also lets you upload your archive.

TweetEraser costs $6.99 for 30 days of access, and lets you import your archive, wipe tweets from multiple accounts, and best of all – no ads. It also doesn’t charge on a recurring subscription, as the devs know that most people only pay for one month then drop the service.

Backup, backup, backup

First, get the archive of your Tweets from Twitter by following the steps below:

  1. Click on More on while on the Twitter desktop site
  2. Head to Settings and Privacy
  3. Under Account, look for My Twitter Data
  4. From there, click Download your Twitter Data and reenter your password to confirm

Since none of the services archive anything and all deletions are final, this is the only way to be sure you don’t delete some gems of content.

Then it’s off to the service. We’re using TwitWipe here since we’ve used it in the past and it worked great

Side note: TwitWipe won’t remove followers or those you’re following, so it’s a great way to sanitize your feed going forward.

Once you have your Twitter archive downloaded, follow the steps below:

  • Head on over to TwitWipe
  • Sign in with the Twitter account that you want to scrub
  • Hit the Orange TwitWipe! button and leave the tab open while it removes your tweets
twitwipe tweet deleting app
Screenshot: KnowTechie

Note it’ll take a while to clean your timeline but when it’s done, tweets, retweets, and favorites will all be gone, leaving you an out-of-the-box experience on Twitter again. Apparently, it starts with your newest tweets first, so just realize that all of your content will be nuked. If you only want to get rid of older tweets, check out TweetDelete instead.

Other options

If you want a little bit more control over which tweets you’re deleting, TweetEraser might be worth checking out. You can delete up to 3,200 tweets at a time (the limit of the free tier, you can import more at a time if you pay for a subscription). This service lets you know the number of retweets and likes you earned on tweets, so you don’t delete any bangers.

TweetDeleter is also worth checking out, but you’ll have to pay to actually do any real deleting of your tweet history. The service does let you unlike tweets though, so that’s added functionality that the other services don’t provide. That’s because the free version only lets you delete a max of five tweets a month, use five keyword searches a month, or filter profanity.

The subscriptions are fairly cheap though, with $4 a month letting you delete up to 500 tweets a month, plus unlocking all of the search filters and keyword searches. $5 a month lets you delete 3,200 a month, and 1,000 likes a month. The unlimited tier unlocks everything, and it’s another $5 a month to backup deleted tweets to the app before it deletes them from your timeline.

Is this something you plan on using? Have you used it before? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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