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If your phone supports it, here’s a wireless charger that everyone should have 

At just $15, this thing is a steal.

blitzwolf wireless charger

The BlitzWolf wireless desktop charger will provide lightning fast charges and less hassle. Small enough to fit in a handbag or backpack, this charger can easily be carried with you on your trips. Below we are going to take a closer look at this very popular model. We will go over some of its best features to see what it can offer you.  

Three Different Charging Modes 

This wireless desktop charging pad comes with three different charging modes for your convenience. The first mode which is known as the normal charging mode will provide you with 5W of power. This mode is excellent for those who are not in a hurry and want to charge their device slowly. The next mode that comes standard with this model is the 1.5x faster mode. This mode will provide you with up to 7.5W of charging power. The last mode is called the 2X faster mode and will quickly fully charge your smartphone with 10W of power.  

Lightweight and Easy To Carry 

Great for those who like to charge their devices on the go, this pad will fit in a small space and is easy to carry around. In fact, you probably won’t even realize you have it on you. At only 135 grams, you can afford to carry more than one of these little powerhouses. This makes it great for long trips, and you will always have an easy way to charge your phone.  

blitzwolf wireless charger

Image: Blitzwolf

A Safe Charger That Will Protect Your Devices 

Built with safety in mind, you will never have to worry about undercharging or overcharging your smart device. This charger can detect over-current, overheating and have FOD protection. In addition to these protections, the charger has an onboard smart light that will help you determine the status of your battery. When the light turns blue, it indicates that your device is breathing charging. A red flashing light shows that your device is charging abnormally and when the light goes off, it means that it is fully charged.  

A Generous 18-Month Warranty 

When you purchase a BlitzWolf wireless desktop charger, you will have peace of mind that your investment is protected. The company who always stands behind their products offers a generous 18-month warranty. So if anything goes wrong, you can send it back in for repair or get your money back.  

It Works With Many Different Smartphones 

This wireless charging pad is highly versatile and can be used to charge many different brands of smartphones. While many people who use Apple phones love this charger, it will work well with LG, Google, Nokia, Sony, Samsung and many more brands.  So if you don’t have an iPhone, there is no need to worry because this charger is probably compatible with your Android device.  

As you can see, this is one very neat little charging pad. This simple yet highly intelligent wireless phone charger is perfect for anyone looking for ease of use.  It has all the safety features you would want in a charger and several different charging modes for those needing a quick boost. So if you are in the market for a new wireless phone charger, you might want to check this one out.

A sample unit was provided to KnowTechie for the purpose of this review.


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