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The new iPad Pro is ditching the headphone jack so we can live our best dongle life

AirPods or GTFO.

Ipad pro 2018
Image: MacTechNews

As we inch closer to September, more details are starting to emerge on the latest slate of Apple products. We already know that the MacBook Pro lineup will be hella expensive but what we really wanted to know is how many dongles we’re going to need with the latest slate of Apple products. The dongle life really got heated with the release of the iPhone 7, when the 3.5mm headphone jack was removed. Now, according to supply chain blog Macotakara, the new iPad Pro will also be ditching the headphone jack.

There is only one good reason for this, to sell more AirPods. That’s it. That’s the only reason for ditching the headphone jack. It’s not about innovation or design. It’s about selling more shitty proprietary Bluetooth headphones.

While the iPhone 7 introduced us to a world of dongles we never thought possible, according to the report the iPad Pro will come with zero dongles to port Lightning to 3.5mm. That’s not to say that the pile of dongles you already have won’t work with the iPad Pro, that’s just to say that if you are in the Apple ecosystem you may as well snuggle into the corner of the couch and get comfy. You drank the Apple Absinthe, get used to the new paradigm of existence in which you have to buy your own dongles.

No matter how much you claim you love your Apple AirPods, you have to be cognizant of the fact that Apple removing the 3.5mm jack from yet another device is simply a ploy to restrict the use of third-party ancillary devices with Apple hardware. Have a new pair of awesome headphones that you love? Well, plug them into something else chump, ain’t no room for your Sennheiser gear with the new iPad Pro. You can either dongle it up or buy those AirPods you’ve been eyeing.Of course, if you are forking over the cash for a new iPad Pro when your current iPad probably works fine, then you are already fully vested in the cult of Apple and you’ve got AirPods all over the place. To you, the 3.5mm jack is akin to a Betamax video cassette player. It’s antiquated. You are better than some cord dangling from your head. You are evolved. Your collar pops outward from your neck and your avocado toast is always fresh and crispy.

In addition to ditching the 3.5mm jack, the report also mentions that there won’t be horizontal face ID because I suppose that’s something that matters. It should also be noted that these are rumours. The Apple iPad Pro might still have a headphone jack, or perhaps it will only be in the 12.9 -inch model and not the 10.5-inch one. Or flip that, reverse it. I suppose we’ll find out in a couple months if you’ll need to just stitch your AirPods into your ears or get another handful of dongles to live your best Apple life.

How do you feel? Is the growing lack of 3.5mm jacks a sign of the times, or is Apple terrible? Let us know below.

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