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This iPhone trick takes your Instagram Stories to the next level

Surprisingly, TikTok is home to some great Instagram tricks.

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TikTok is a wonderful place to get bite-sized hacks to level up various parts of your life. This time around, it’s an awesome iPhone trick that helps you level up your Instagram Stories by adding handwritten text or sketches.

Now, before you say, “but I can handwrite on Stories already,” go and try inside the Instagram app. It’s not the easiest process. You’re also limited to only a couple of tools to add your custom text or doodles.

This iPhone trick helps that and comes courtesy of @katamogz. On your iPhone, open your Notes app, then pick any of the drawing tools and either write a message or sketch a little drawing.

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Then use the selection tool in Notes to add it to the clipboard. Switch over to your Instagram app, open the text input box, and long-press on your screen. That’ll let you paste whatever you drew in the Notes app onto your Insta.

Neat, right? You can see the whole iPhone trick in the embed below, or on Katarina Mogus’ TikTok page.

@katamogz #instagramhack #ighack #applehack #instagramstoryhack #igstoryinspo #tipsandtricks #digitalart ♬ son original – Cherif

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That’s a nice trick, courtesy of the creative hivemind over on TikTok. If you use Instagram Stories to share your life or use it for your own business, tips like these are great for setting yourself apart.

Oh, while you’re here, have another quick TikTok hack, from @yhelibean. If you have a pimple that you don’t want to see on the post, use the text block to put a period over it, then use the color-chooser to match it to your skin tone. Genius.

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