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It looks like Sony is working on a new mobile PlayStation controller

This new product could be part of the company’s planned expansion into mobile gaming.

playstation mobile controller patent
Image: Patentscope

It looks like Sony is going all-in on mobile gaming. The PlayStation maker has been making a push towards mobile gaming in the past few months and a recently filed patent suggests that the company is going to take another step forward with the development of a mobile controller.

Spotted by VideoGamesChronicle, the Sony Interactive Entertainment Japanese division has recently filed a patent with an image for what looks like a mobile-specific controller resembling the PlayStation 4’s DualShock controller.

The controller looks like many other mobile controllers, with handles on both the left and right sides and a tray in the middle for your phone to sit in. Each side of the controller looks pretty similar to the DualShock, with the classic PlayStation button layout on the right and the directional pad on the left.

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playstation mobile controller patent
Image: Patentscope

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VideoGamesChronicle says the drawings of the patent don’t include a “shaft portion that can be tilted by the user, and detect the tilting direction and tilting amount of the shaft,” whatever that means.

This is still an early patent and it’s unclear whether or not Sony is actually working on a product like this. If the company does end up creating this controller, it will be part of a major expansion from Sony into mobile gaming.

Jim Ryan, Sony’s CEO, has said that the company is currently exploring the mobile gaming space. It seems pretty likely that we will see some of PlayStation’s biggest franchises, such as God of War and Gran Turismo making their way to mobile sometime in the near future.

That being the case, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if we saw the company develop this mobile controller to go alongside its new venture into mobile gaming. After all, mobile gaming continues to skyrocket in popularity, so it won’t be a surprise at all to see Sony begin to capitalize on the growing market with its established PlayStation brand.

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