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Lenovo’s new augmented reality glasses work with the iPhone

Your move, Apple.

man wearing ar glasses
Image: Lenovo

Lenovo has announced an upcoming augmented reality (AR) headset, which will work with any device with a USB-C port. The Lenovo Glasses T1 will work with your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

They’ll be out before Apple’s mixed-reality headset, too. Lenovo targets the end of 2022 for a China launch and “selected markets” in 2023.

The Glasses T1 is Lenovo’s first consumer-facing pair of AR glasses. They’ve been selling AR to enterprise customers since 2019, with the ThinkReality T6 and, later, the T3.

It should be noted that these AR glasses from Lenovo need another device to work. They function as an AR display, instead of a standalone device.

Each eye gets a micro OLED panel with a 1080p resolution and a 60Hz refresh rate. The bonus to them needing a device to power them is they’ll be lighter, so you can wear them for longer.

Using micro OLED means color reproduction should be good. That’s important since you’ll be looking through the display to see the room around you. Most display technologies suffer from a washed-out look in these conditions.

Lenovo also put a pair of speakers into the T1, so you can use them for movie watching or other things.

The company is heavily highlighting the privacy aspect, as the virtual screen can’t be seen by anyone who may walk by. That’s good news for doing banking in public or working on sensitive documents.

Lenovo hasn’t given any firm pricing details for the Glasses T1. They did tell Ars Technica that they are “hoping” to keep the price under $500.

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