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The Lumapod might be the fastest tripod on the market

Ultimate setup speed for the ultimate compact tripod.

lumapod tripod
Image: Lumapod

Just like needing a gimbal for buttery-smooth footage, the humble tripod is a necessity for ultra-sharp photos. Problem is, they’re either bulky, have a long setup time, or both. Either way, it can mean you miss your perfect shot. The team behind Lumapod thought about this issue long and hard and came up with a balance between portability and ease of setup. The Lumapod telescopes down to a near-pocketable 33/44cm, and unfurls to full height in under 4 seconds.

That’s no more missed shots because of adjusting clamps or legs, no more missed shots from not wanting to carry your heavy tripod. I’m a big fan of gear, but not wanting to carry it means that it doesn’t get used outside of the studio. Lumapod changes that, I can throw it in my normal camera bag and always have a capable tripod with me, wherever.

The Lumapod uses tension force to stay stable, just like on the mast of a sailboat. The science is sound, and their testing bears it out. Lumapod will work with smartphones, GoPro’s and even mirrorless cameras and heavier DSLRs.

Take a look:

Your Lumapod kit comes with a phone holder, a GoPro mount, a mini ball head, and a thread adapter. There are also accessories for a Z-plate for angle shots, a Bluetooth remote, Arca-Swiss quick-release plate, travel slings, and a high-quality aluminum ball head.

You can even add dolly rollers to turn your Lumapod into a tripod dolly.

The Lumapod is on Kickstarter

If this sounds like the tripod for you, head on over to Kickstarter where you can get a Lumapod for $80 for the Go85 and $115 for the Go120. They’re aiming for a May 2019 shipping date.

Just remember, crowdfunding campaigns aren’t a guarantee of getting a functional product on time (or at all).

What do you think of the Lumapod kit? Let us know in the comments.

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