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Just a friendly reminder: the new MacBook Pro keyboards still suck

Apple is still keeping quiet about the issue.

Macbook pro keyboard
Image: iMore

Most thought the international nightmare was over. Unfortunately, this doesn’t appear to be the case. No, we’re not talking about the thawing relationship between North Korea and the United States, but rather the problems long associated with Apple MacBook keyboards.

A new analysis by The Outline shows that the keyboard found on the current-generation MacBook Pro is no better than the one found on previous models. As a result, users are once again complaining about sticky keys on one of the most expensive laptops you can buy.

It wasn’t supposed to be this way

Back in July, Apple introduced its latest generation MacBook Pro. The laptop includes a third-generation butterfly keyboard that Apple promised was quieter than previous models. An iFixit analysis quickly showed the keyboard added a “thin, silicone barrier,” which many hoped would protect the keys from debris.

Apple has long been criticized for the butterfly-style keyboard found on the MacBook Pro and MacBook. Over the years, many users have been forced to replace the expensive keyboards on the computers because they’ve become “sticky” after heavy use. In part, this led to an on-going class action lawsuit and Apple’s decision earlier this year to implement what amounts to a keyboard replacement program.

Macbook pro keyboard lawsuit

Image: Unsplash

Perhaps it was wishful thinking, but because of what iFixit found, many thought the keyboard problem was resolved — including Apple employees on the front lines.

The Outline explains at least one employee said the new computers included a keyboard fix,

I described my issues with “dust” to one shop associate at the Apple Store at the World Trade Center and asked if the new computers were any better. “Yeah, yeah, they fixed that problem… it was a BIG problem,” she told me. “So it doesn’t happen at all?” I asked. “No, it shouldn’t happen,” she said.

Threads on the internet tell a different story, however, leading The Outline to conclude:

What’s worse, many computer brands blindly take cues from Apple designs, and the low-profile keyboard designs have started to show up on all the pretenders, too. I’m too mad to stay and too tired to leave, but the time seems fast approaching when there won’t be anywhere else to go.

What a sticky mess

Like many, I bought my 2018 MacBook Pro with the expectation that Apple had introduced the third-generation butterfly keyboard to fix the “sticky” problem, even though the company didn’t explicitly say this occurred.  At the time, I figured Apple’s lawyers had convinced them to only say the new keyboard was “quieter” than previous models. In reality, I figured the added silicone was there to improve the situation.

Three months after making my purchase, I can report that my keyboard does get stuck occasionally. Although it’s not to the point where a visit to an Apple Store is necessary, that may happen soon.

We’ve reached out to Apple about The Outline report and will let you know if we hear back.

It shouldn’t be this way, especially for a company like Apple. Don’t you think?

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