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The new MacBook Pro keyboard might not be fixed, but that will not stop people from buying it

Apple is still keeping quiet on the many reported issues with their “butterfly” keyboard.

Macbook pro keyboard i9 processor
Image: CNET

Much has been written about the problems many are experiencing with the so-called “butterfly switch” keyboard found on late-model MacBook and MacBook Pro models. With a new MacBook Pro now shipping, one would expect those problems to now go away, no? Apparently not, according to CNET.

Apple has confirmed the third-generation butterfly keyboard found on 2018 MacBook Pro models doesn’t include any new engineering or tweaks to address the so-called sticky keyboard issue some users are experiencing. Instead, whatever tinkering that did occur only made the keyboard quieter.

Say what? There’s a lot to unpack here and plenty of reading between the lines.

Although Apple recently implemented a Keyboard Service Program to replace “a small percentage of the keyboards in certain MacBook and MacBook Pro models,” it didn’t admit there was anything universally wrong with the keyboard. And it won’t, thanks to an ongoing class action lawsuit against the company over the sticky keyboard issue.

Were Apple to admit that the keyboard found on the 2018 MacBook Pro was “better” or “improved,” it would probably be in a world of hurt from a legal standpoint. In other words, it’s entirely possible the 2018 MacBook Pro keyboard is identical to previous models, except that this one is “quieter.”

It’s perhaps just as likely, however, that major changes were made behind the scene that Apple will never admit to due to the lawsuit. Of course, once a site like iFixit gets its hands on one of the new models, whatever secrets Apple might be holding will go away quickly.

Are you planning on buying a 2018 MacBook Pro, perhaps the most expensive model? Let us know below. 

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