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Two ‘Mario Party’ classics headed to Switch Online Expansion Pack

Mario Party and Mario Party 2 land on Nintendo’s Switch Online + Expansion Pack on November 2.

image of nintendo switch online adding mario party games
Image: Nintendo

Coming soon to a Switch near you, Nintendo is bringing two Mario Party games to its Switch Online Expansion Pack

The games include the original Mario Party, released in 1999, and the sequel Mario Party 2, released a year later. Both games were originally launched for the N64

If you have never played a Mario Party game before, the games are based around various themes, including card games, tile games, and others that you play with up to four friends.

At the end of each dice roll, players are presented with mini-games. Winning them earns players points, and the more points players get, the higher their chance of winning the game. 

Mario Party games are super fun, and the more people you have playing, the more exciting it becomes. But fair warning, I’ve seen friendships ruined because of it, so be gentle.

Nintendo says these games will be available via its Switch Online Expansion Pack on November 2. The Switch Online + Expansion Pack costs $50 for a yearly subscription.

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