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Meta is planning to release two pairs of AR glasses in 2024

Oh, and they want to disrupt our reliance on keyboards and mice.

meta ar glasses being shown playing chess
Image: KnowTechie

Meta’s metaverse ambitions also concern the real world, with multiple Augmented Reality (AR) glasses in the works. The Verge got the scoop that the first two models of Meta AR glasses will be available in 2024.

At first, there will be two models, with one needing another device to work and the other being a standalone model. Project Nazare will be standalone AR glasses, running a modified version of Android.

They could be “full AR” with support for eye-tracking, 3D visuals, an outward-facing camera, stereo audio, and a wide field of view. They’ll also reportedly look “socially acceptable,” whatever that means for a face-mounted computer.

Also coming in 2024 is “Hypernova,” a lower-specced pair of AR glasses. These will reportedly still need a phone to pair with but are aimed at reducing the amount of time we spend on our phones.

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Meta is also trying to disrupt our reliance on keyboards and mice for desktop navigation. That’s thanks to the mind-reading bracelet tech from CTRL-Labs, which Facebook bought in 2019.

meta's digital wrist tech
Image: Meta

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We thought that tech was going into smartwatches at the time, and it still might, but it’s clearly going to pair with the company’s AR glasses as well.

After those two models launch, the report says Project Nazare will release a “lighter, more advanced” model in 2026, and a third in 2028. After those two models launch, the report says Project Nazare will release a “lighter, more advanced” model in 2026, and a third in 2028.

That’s an optimistic timeline for a device that doesn’t even have a working prototype of the first release. Then again, Meta is going to throw money at the problem until it has AR glasses that work.

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