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Microsoft Flight Simulator is finally coming to Xbox Series X|S and Xbox Game Pass on July 27

You may need to clear some space, reports show the game’s console file size is nearly 100GB.

microsoft flight simulator 2020
Image: Microsoft

Back near the end of last year, Microsoft Flight Simulator was released for PC, reviving the fan-favorite with updated mechanics and graphics. Since that time, the game has given all sorts of great content, from a few wacky early glitches to a nice play-by-play of the cargo ship that found itself blocking up the Suez Canal.

Now, the game is finally getting an Xbox Series X|S version. As of right now, Microsoft Flight Simulator is only available on PC. That all changes later this month.

Starting July 27, Xbox Series X|S owners will finally be able to download and play the game on their next-gen consoles and it will even be available on Xbox Game Pass.

Microsoft initially revealed that Microsoft Flight Simulator was coming to Xbox Series X|S during last month’s Microsoft/Bethesda joint E3 2021 presentation. Gamers got a sneak peek at the game’s new and improved graphics and performance for next-gen consoles.

However, much like many other AAA video games these days, Xbox users may need to make some extra space for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Some early reports show that the game’s file size is close to 100GB. In a tweet from Idle Sloth, you can see a preliminary download size on the game’s store page on Xbox Series X|S:


It’s not surprising to see this game have a file size that large. Many AAA games have extremely large file sizes, and Microsoft Flight Simulator is an impressive title. The game was just recently reduced from 150GB to 83GB on PC, so at least there has been some reduction.

Still, if you’re looking to get your hands on this game when it releases for console, you better go ahead and clear some hard drive space. It’s either that or go the Game Pass route.

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