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Here’s everything Microsoft and Bethesda announced at their E3 showcase

This year’s showcase definitely didn’t disappoint.

Halo infinite gameplay
Image: Xbox

Microsoft and Bethesda teamed up for the new partnership’s first E3 since Microsoft acquired Bethesda last year. The E3 2021 presentation from the companies this year was pretty special.

Microsoft and Bethesda are two of the absolute biggest names in gaming. Microsoft has pioneered the Xbox and brought us franchises like Halo and The Outer Worlds. Bethesda is known for some of the most memorable RPG experiences in gaming with the Fallout and Elder Scrolls franchises.

With names like this, it is to be expected that an hour-long E3 presentation will be full of exciting updates and new game reveals. And let me tell you, Microsoft and Bethesda did not disappoint. This year’s presentation was full of news from all of our favorite games, as well as dozens of new game reveals.

Highlights of Microsoft and Bethesda’s E3 2021 presentation

All-in-all, 33 new games were announced during this weekend’s Microsoft and Bethesda E3 2021 showcase. With so much content stuffed into one, 90-minute presentation, we’ve decided to compile some of the biggest announcements here. Take a look:


Starfield is Bethesda’s long-awaited space RPG. This trailer gives us a look at some of the landscape that you’ll come across in Starfield, as well as a nice look at a spaceship in the game. Starfield is coming exclusively to Xbox Series X|S and PC and is set to launch in November of 2022.

Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood is an upcoming co-op zombie shooter from Warner Bros. Games. The game is made by the creators of the popular Left 4 Dead series and looks like it picks up right where they left off. This game has an additional “Swarm” PVP mode where players take on the role of dangerous zombies to fight others. Back 4 Blood will be available on Xbox One, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, PS5, and PC on October 12.

Diablo 2: Resurrected

Diablo 2: Resurrected is a complete remaster of the insanely popular action RPG from 2000. The game is getting completely remade for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, and will be available on September 23. You can pre-order now for early access.

Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life

Microsoft teamed up with Disney for this one. Sea of Thieves is getting a major update courtesy of one Captain Jack Sparrow. Sea of Thieves A Pirate’s Life is an original story expansion the follows beloved characters from The Pirates of the Caribbean. This free update is coming to all platforms on June 22.


Taking a page out of Ubisoft’s playbook, Shredders is an exciting new snowboarding title. There wasn’t a lot revealed about the game, but the developers said, “We have a good feeling about December 2021.” That’s a safe way to approach a new game launch.

The Outer Worlds 2

The Outer Worlds creators, Obsidian (owned by Microsoft), took an opportunity to meme an announcement for their new game. The Outer Worlds 2 trailer was full of nonsensical, over-the-top design that didn’t really offer much in the way of details. But it does look like a sequel to the popular title is coming soon.

Fallout 76 updates

Fallout 76 is getting two free content updates soon. Steel Reign follows the story of the Brotherhood of Steel and comes to all platforms on July 7.

Then, in The Pitt, the game takes players to a new, but familiar location. You’ll travel to Pittsburgh to complete a series of story missions. This expansion will be available sometime in 2022.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator is finally getting ported to the Xbox Series X|S. This trailer shows off the stunning beauty of Microsoft Flight Simulator on next-gen consoles. This game made a huge splash when it released, and having it on Xbox is a great addition. The game will be available on Xbox Series X|S on July 27.

Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart is a brand new original game coming to Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. There’s not much yet known about this new game, but the trailer showed off some stylish first-person action combat, combining gunplay with some sort of abilities. There was not release information revealed, so it’ll be exciting to hear about Atomic Heart in the coming months.

Forza Horizon 5

We got an official look at the next game from the wildly popular open-world Forza Horizon series. Forza Horizon 5 takes players to Mexico, where the land is their playground, and you can race across any and everything. Forza Horizon 5 comes out for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on November 9.

Halo Infinite

For us grandparent gamers, Halo Infinite was probably the most exciting reveal at Microsoft and Bethesda’s E3 presentation. We got a good, in-depth look at the game’s multiplayer, plus a look at some of the campaign. There was no official release date, but both the single-player campaign and free-to-play multiplayer are coming out sometime during the holiday season this year.

Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 is the latest installment of Dice’s mega-popular arena FPS. Boasting giant maps with up to 128-player battles on next-gen consoles, Battlefield 2042 is set to be the biggest Battlefield game ever. The game releases on October 22 for Xbox One, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, PS5, and PC.


Microsoft and Bethesda closed out the show with a look at Redfall. Redfall is an upcoming co-op shooter from Arkane, the makers of Prey and the Dishonored series. Team up with friends and hunt down evil vampires in Redfall, coming to Xbox Series X|S and PC in summer 2022.

These are some of the major highlights from Microsoft and Bethesda’s E3 2021 showcase. As I said before, there were dozens of game reveals, so this list just scrapes the surface of what these companies had to offer. You can check out the full presentation here:

Microsoft and Bethesda definitely didn’t fail to deliver at this year’s E3 showcase. Fans of all different genres of games should find something to be excited about in this presentation. It’s shaping up to be a good year for Xbox gamers everywhere.

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