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Could the title of “Netflix of Gaming” go to Microsoft?

Microsoft has slowly been setting themselves up to be successful in the emerging world of game streaming.

Microsoft buys github netflix of gaming
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Microsoft is setting themselves up to be a powerhouse in the emerging field of game streaming, but can they go as far as to be titled the “Netflix of Gaming?” As reported earlier in the week, consoles very well could be on the way out and in its place a smattering of different streaming options for gamers to enjoy their favorite games.

While it would be easy to talk about existing services like PlayStation Now and Steam Link, analysts believe we’re sleeping on one company – Microsoft. The reason? Azure, Microsoft’s ever-expanding cloud service.

As Morgan Stanley analyst Keith Weiss wrote in a note addressed to clients, “Azure is a key differentiator for Microsoft in the technology required to achieve streaming.”  He followed that up with a statement about how Azure “allows for developers to scale and customize gaming infrastructure on a reliable cloud.”

In addition to Azure, Microsoft’s Game Pass, which offers users over 100 titles from Xbox 360 and Xbox One for a low monthly subscription fee. Microsoft is setting the infrastructure and as technology continues to rapidly expand, they are in a great position to dominate the market, especially if that market becomes a streaming one.

On the subject of the Game Pass, Weiss is quoted as saying,

Over the next 3-5 years we expect Microsoft to extend the reach of Game Pass from the console and PCs, to eventually cover mobile devices – greatly expanding the potential base for monetization.

Companies like Apple and Microsoft are on their way to that $1 trillion evaluation, and it is very possible gaming, of all things, could be what sees Microsoft there.

What do you think? Will Microsoft be able to pull this off and become the Netflix of Gaming? Let us know in the comments below.

In other gaming news: Facebook is losing younger users, tries to compensate with a new gaming platform, and Amazon will be the first tech company to air live Premier League games.

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