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Muse Wearables claims to be the world’s best hybrid smartwatch

With such an extensive feature list, they make a compelling argument.

Muse wearables
Image: Muse Wearables

Muse Wearables have just launched an AI-enabled hybrid smartwatch on Kickstarter. Retaining physical hands and a redesigned sub-dial, it blends tradition with cutting-edge features like nutrition advice, exercise monitoring, sleep information, and sun exposure alerts. There’s early bird pricing for early backers of the limited-edition watches.

The Muse watches also feature IFTTT integration, music and camera control, financial payments through NFC, as well as all the usual smartwatch fare of personal calendars, alarms, and forgotten phone notifications. There’s also the Muse PlanetWatch platform for gaming fun.


Image: Muse

Sai Prasanth, Muse’s founder and CEO wanted to create a product that simplified life for jet-setters, go-getters and anyone who wants to maximize their productivity.

“Our ambition with Muse was to build a consumer product that helps people live life and get to what is really important to them,” said Prasanth, “We are all busy and hustling most days. Why not make the tasks of life easier?”

He wanted to create a tech gadget that didn’t need constant maintenance or battery recharging, while still being powerful enough to act as a personal assistant to the wearer. The hybrid smartwatch also has data-driven recommendations and services for users, including goal tracking, restaurant recommendations, and mapping support.


Image: Muse

The subdial of the watch was re-purposed into a ‘Goal Progression + Activity + UV Meter’ and there’s a dedicated 3.5mm display for notification icons. You can even reprogram the watch to act as your access fob for your workplace or apartment building.

The Grandeur collection will have only 2,182 pieces of each design, so pick one up early if you want one of those styles. There’s also a Minimo range that won’t be limited edition and currently has ten different designs with another six promised in the coming days.

For more information, or to purchase the Muse at an early-bird discount during crowdfunding, visit the Muse Campaign Page on Kickstarter.

What do you think of this smart-meets-contemporary watch? Let us know in the comments. 

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