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Pavlok aims to shock you into wakefulness with the Shock Clock 2

Launching on Indiegogo, they’ve already crushed their goal.

shock clock 2
Image: Pavlok

We covered Pavlok’s earlier device about a year ago, with our founder, Kev, ‘volunteering’ to get shocked by the netizens of Twitter. He ultimately decided that it was a useful tool to aid with banishing those bad habits we all have to some degree. Now, Pavlok’s set their sights on another area of self-improvement with their Shock Clock 2, aimed at training your body to wake up better. This is an updated version of the Shock Clock that they successfully launched back in 2015, with a host of new functionality.

Image: Pavlok

Working by the principles of Aversive Conditioning (behavior training that uses negative stimuli and association to help reaffirm a specific action as undesirable), the Shock Clock 2 trains you to wake up before your alarm, not by it. It starts by gently vibrating, then moves onto beeping and if you still don’t respond – then you get a jolt.

After a few days, your brain starts associating the vibrating with the shock, and you’ll start waking up by just the motion. Pavlok says the zap is similar to the static charge you get if you touch a doorknob in winter, and it’s CE/FCC certified.

It also has snooze lock functionality, where to turn off the alarm (and the dreaded zap) you have to either do a number of jumping jacks or scan a QR code that Pavlok recommends putting in a different room than where you sleep. It has motion-sensing capabilities so you can’t cheat the snooze while still in bed, and if that still doesn’t work you can share control of the shock to your friends so they can jolt you awake.

Shock Clock 2 works with a companion app to chart and analyze your sleep cycle. There’s also a morning routine to-do list, where if you don’t do those tasks and check them off when you wake – you guessed it, you get another shock. There’s a corresponding nighttime routine also, for those who have trouble sticking to a regular bedtime. I know I need this functionality, I’m a habitual insomniac.

Setting an alarm in the app saves that time to the Shock Clock 2 module, so you don’t have to worry if you lose connectivity overnight. You can also shut off the alarm without your phone.

The Shock Clock 2 module has a 7-10 day battery life on one charge, and charges with a micro-USB port.

Image: Pavlok

Everything comes in a stylish package with either a silicon wristband or a magnetic Milanese-style one. Pavlok is finalizing the design right now, and aim to ship out all pledges by October 2018. While crowdfunding campaigns can be a gamble, this team has a proven track record of producing the goods so you don’t have to fret like with some campaigns.

You can check out the Shock Clock 2 campaign over on Indiegogo for more information.

What do you think about shocking yourself into compliance? Let us know in the comments.

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