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Marshall’s new Homeline Bluetooth speakers are revamped rockstars

Marshall’s updated Homeline Bluetooth speakers may look similar, but they’re bursting with updated tech on the inside.

marshall speaker in black and gold in living room
Image: Marshall

Marshall’s popular Homeline Bluetooth speakers are kicking off their comeback tour. The new Stanmore III, Acton III, and Woburn III speakers are ready for their next act, and they’ve had makeovers fit for true audio rockstars.

The speakers are largely the same on the exterior, but they’re now eco-friendly. Marshall’s option to move toward PVC-free exteriors means the Homeline speakers now use 70% recycled plastic and exclusively vegan materials.

And though the speakers look quite similar on the outside, they’ve had quite the internal tune-up. All three models come with re-engineered tweeters that are angled outwards, as well as updated waveguides. The result? A wider soundstage than before.

marshall speaker in brown
Image: Marshall

There’s also a new Placement Compensation feature that can actively correct sound based on the speakers’ surroundings.

Each speaker will also come touting a Dynamic Loudness feature. It can help the speakers adjust for consistency and balance throughout various songs. And you’ll be good to keep connecting them to your favorite devices for a long time to come.

They come with Bluetooth 5.2 on board, with over-the-air updates pushed via the Marshall app. Plus, they still have 3.5mm input, should you want to plug anything in.

If you’re a fan of Marshall amps or just want to live the rockstar life, these speakers can help you do just that. The brand recognition goes pretty hard here. And who doesn’t want to feel like a touring musician with their own special music-spouting amps?

If you’ve been looking for a reliable new Bluetooth speaker to pipe through all your tunes, Marshall’s offerings might work well. You can pick up the three new versions on June 23.

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