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Here are your new Nintendo Switch Online retro games for February 2019

This month is all winners.

nintendo switch online retro games
Image: Kevin Raposo / KnowTechie

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While Nintendo Switch Online’s value could be debated, if you are a fan of retro games, at least you get some new ones each month to enjoy with your yearly $20 subscription.

Some recent months have been less than exciting, Nintendo has definitely stepped it up this month with two quality titles that many players are probably excited to check out.

Retro Nintendo Switch Online games in February 2019

The star of the show here (for me, at least) is Nintendo bringing the oddly different, but strangely appealing Super Mario Bros. 2 to the service. This title allowed you to play as Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad, and while all similar, all had slightly different jumping and item pickup mechanics.

Also included in February’s games, and one that I honestly have never tried, but Joe assures me I need to, Kirby’s Adventure. This was the follow-up to the OG Game Boy Kirby game, Kirby’s Dream Land, and was the first to feature the strange marshmallow’s absorb/copy abilities.

While this month is definitely one of the better months for retro games on the Nintendo Switch, I still think we’re getting to the point where Nintendo should expand into other consoles to truly appeal to a variety of gamers.

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