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OnePlus is working on a phone that can fully charge in just 15 minutes

150W SuperVOOC charging is coming later this year.

Oneplus charging cable
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The next phone from OnePlus is going to be able to fully charge in 15 minutes. The new SuperVOOC charging standard puts 150W into a charge, and it’s ridiculously awesome.

See, currently, the most a OnePlus device can charge at is 80W on the OnePlus 10 Pro. With 150W to play around with, a 4,500 mAh dual-cell battery can fully charge in 15 minutes, or up to 50-percent in just five minutes. Five. Minutes.

The charging speed is only part of the equation. The Battery Health Engine (BHE) will also “double the battery lifespan,” apparently.

That’s down to a whole bunch of tech that monitors the battery during charge and discharge to keep it in better condition.

OnePlus says that it typically takes 800 charge cycles to drop to 80-percent battery health. Their new BHE system increases that to 1,600 cycles, or over four years if you’re charging daily.

That 150W SuperVOOC charging will come to a OnePlus device this year, probably the Nord 3. If you think charging in less than 15 minutes is fast, think again.

OnePlus is also working on a 240W SuperVOOC charger that charges the same 4,500 mAh in less than nine minutes!

The best part? OnePlus’ 150W SuperVOOC charger isn’t much larger than their current 65W one. It’ll be bundled with any phone that supports it, so you won’t have to buy a charger separately.

The other OnePlus news today will be even more welcome than SuperVOOC charging. OnePlus devices will continue to have OxygenOS as the operating system.

Oppo devices (both owned by BBK Electronics) will come with ColorOS. OnePlus is also working with Google to tweak Android 13 features into OxygenOS 13.

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