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Here’s how to never again accidentally quit apps on your Mac

Tired of force closing apps by accident? This will help.

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If you’re a Mac user that has a habit of using Mac shortcuts, especially the CMD + Q command to quit apps, then this post is dedicated to you. Mac offers various handy shortcuts and one of them is CMD + Q. With the help of this shortcut, users can easily quit apps that are running.

We all are humans, and we make mistakes, right? While working on Mac, if you’ve ever accidentally quit an app, then you’re not alone. It happens with most Mac users at least once a day.

Another heavily used keyboard shortcut is CMD +W, this closes the current tab of the application. Suppose you’re running Chrome browser, then it will close the current tab. Also, if you’re using Word Processors, then it will close the open document. Apart from that, this command is used for other apps, as well.

Now, have a look at the keyboard on your Mac, you will notice that the Q and W are set next to each other. Due to this reason, lots of people accidentally press Q instead of W and lose valuable work.

How to never accidentally quit apps on Mac again

Luckily, there is a way to prevent yourself from this little conundrum. All you have to do is to start using a freeware program called SlowQuitApps.

SlowQuitApps is an OS X application that let you add a delay timer between pressing Cmd-Q and the app closing. Once you set a time, the application will only close if you keep pressing the button for that period of time.

When you press and hold the Cmd-Q combination, a small countdown timer will appear on the screen. If you release keys before the time you set, then app closure will not happen.

Apart from that, the application offers various settings that you can use to get the most out of it.

Do you force close and quit apps accidentally? What have you done to prevent that? Let us know in the comments.

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