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What is the latest macOS version?

macOS continues to improve as the years go by.

macbook pro notch on 2021 model
Image: KnowTechie

If you haven’t updated your Apple computer or laptop in a while, you may be wondering what the latest macOS version is. 

It’s important to keep your Mac device updated. An updated Mac has access to Apple’s computer operating system’s best features, performance, and security. 

Security features and security measures are important right now. A Mac still running the older version of its operating system is at risk of getting hacked.

So, what’s the latest version of macOS?

The latest macOS version is Monterey, which Apple announced at its WWDC conference in June 2021 and launched publicly in October 2021.

So, what are the top features of macOS Monterey? How do you know if your Mac device is compatible with Monterey? And how do you download Monterey? Read on to find out.

What are the top features of macOS Monterey?

Short answer: There are many great features

Like any new version of macOS, Monterey is packed full of features that’ll radically improve how you use your Mac device. 

With macOS Monterey, you can stream movies while making a FaceTime call, schedule FaceTime calls, and keep your browser neat with Safari’s new compact tab bar.

apple universal control using a mac and an ipad
Universal Control being used (Image: Apple)

You can also create quick notes, use one keyboard and mouse with your Mac and iPad through Universal Control, access AirPlay on Mac, and so much more. 

Will my Mac work with macOS Monterey?

Short answer: Yes, if it was released in 2015 or after

If you own a Mac model released in 2015 or after, you should be able to upgrade to macOS Monterey without any issues. Apple has published a definitive list of devices compatible with macOS Monterey here

How to check if you have the latest version of macOS

Short answer: Click on “About This Mac”

It’s really easy to find out whether your Mac device is running the latest version of macOS. Just click the Apple logo in the top right corner of your screen, and press “About This Mac” in the dropdown menu.

macos monterey check mac version screen
Image: KnowTechie

A small box will then appear on your screen, and if it doesn’t say macOS Monterey in big letters, your Mac is using an outdated operating system. 

How to update to the latest version of macOS

Short answer: Head into System Preferences > Software Update

Before you can update to macOS Monterey, you’ll need to ensure you have enough storage. For Macs running on macOS Sierra or newer, 26GB of free storage is required.

Meanwhile, older versions of macOS will need 44GB of free storage for you to upgrade to macOS Monterey successfully. We’d also recommend checking that your WiFi connection is stable and backing up your files to the cloud before the update.

screenshot of mac software update menu to update your mac
Image: KnowTechie

So, how do you actually perform the update? Well, if your Mac runs on macOS Mojave or newer, it’s pretty simple: just head into System Preferences and click Software Update.

For a full guide, here’s how to update your Mac.

Apple continues to improve macOS

macOS continues to improve as the years go by, and Apple shows no signs of slowing down. Each major update to Mac brings new features, security updates, and more. The same goes for the latest build, Ventura.

Currently in beta mode, macOS Ventura boasts lots of exciting new features. And you’ll definitely want to download the latest macOS version when the time comes.

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