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Razer just debuted a wild racing simulator at CES 2020

When are they gonna call it the eRazer?

Razer eracing rig
Image: Razer

Hold onto your butts, it’s Razer’s turn at the wheel at CES 2020. The simulated snake is going all-in on racing games, with the Razer Eracing Simulator concept. This concept racing sim rig has been developed in partnership with some of the leading sim racing companies.

Oh, and the kicker? Razer is committed to developing this simulator further, so any of you hardware or software companies that want to help it get to the starting line, get in touch via email.

Razer is developing an eracing simulator for esports

Eracing is gaining momentum, with sim rigs dropping in price to attainable levels. That doesn’t mean Razer’s simulator will be anywhere near affordable though, as the bucket (seat) list of companies onboard is a veritable “who’s who” of the high end of sim racing.

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This is one Razer concept that might just make it into full production though, as the Singaporean company has pledged to invest in eracing competitions and leagues in the future, which means that their simulator could be taking pole position one day.

More about the Razer Eracing Simulator:

  • Vesaro, Simpit, Fanatec and Synthesis VR all joined Razer in the pit lane to create the simulator
  • The cockpit maps terrain surfaces, G-force and sounds into motion via a fully hydraulic motion platform and a racing harness that simulates speed by applying pressure to the driver
  • Two Full-HD projectors from Simpit create a 202-degree field of view on the 128-inch wraparound screen
  • Fanatec provided the controls, with a sweet steering wheel with magnetic flappy paddles, all the buttons you could need, and a three-pedal setup for some heel-toe action
  • It’s modular for future upgrades, because of course it is (Razer loves the modular look, remember the short-lived Project Christine?)

Of course, it’ll be expensive if it does make it into full production and covered in Chroma because that’s just how Razer do. Guess it’s time to practice on Project Cars PRO so you can get sponsored for a sweet sim rig, right?

What do you think? Is this something you’d buy if you had the money and the room? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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