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Yale presents a pair of porch pirate prevention products at CES 2020

There’s almost nothing worse than having a package stolen.

yale smart delivery box
Image: Yale

If there was one takeaway from this last year’s holiday shopping season, it was the growing awareness of porch pirates. As in, people who will steal your Amazon packages when they were delivered to your house and placed on the porch. Sure, there are ways to prevent it with security cameras or having it delivered to an Amazon locker, but what about packages from other ecommerce sites?

Luckily, Yale is taking note of this bizarre ongoing trend is manufacturing two new ways to keep your deliveries under (literal) lock-and-key. The good news is the manufacturer is planning on releasing these products worldwide, hopefully in time for Black Friday 2020.

Yale is showcasing a new smart lock and smart safe in response to all the stories of porch pirates

The first of the two is the new smart lock, dubbed the Linus Lock after the company’s founder Linus Yale…clever. The lock, which has an oval shape, uses a Bluetooth connection and can be activated through another smart home device with a Yale Wi-Fi bridge. It can be placed on a door and currently has an expected retail price of a little over $250. It is meant for European countries and its various regulations. The August version is meant for homes in the US.

As for the smart safe, which does not share nomenclature with any founders, that can be placed on a porch. The user will control this via Bluetooth and opens with the push of a button on Yale’s official app. So, there will be no need to learn any button combinations. The safe does not have a price tag yet.

Now, the real challenge is how delivery services are going to have access to these locks. Yale says they are going to try and reach a partnership with all the major delivery services out there, including Amazon, UPS, and FedEx, in order for packages to be more secure. They haven’t quite figured out an effective way to communicate this with them, but that is currently all up in the air. So, any news right now regarding Yale teaming up with a delivery company is purely speculation.

This is also proof that not all products coming out of CES are made for techies or gamers. Suburban families count as consumers after all.

What do you think? Interested in any of these smart products from Yale? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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