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Review: The Grenco Science G Pen Gio — clearly the best G Pen

The vape pen to end all vape pens isn’t even the one I was supposed to review.

Grenco science gpen gio review
Image: Knowtechie/Kingcongraphy

So last week, I was sent the new G Pen Nova LXE by Grenco Science (why any business is still sending me products given the rambling, directionless, and often scathing routes my reviews tend to go, I do not know). Whether by mistake, divine intervention, or something in between, I also happened to receive the G Pen Gio.

The Nova LXE? It’s fine. Sleek, easy to use, a little messy, but overall reliable. It’s a well-placed, conservative drive down the middle of the fairway, like Yoshi in Mario Golf. 

But the Gio? The Gio is the business. It’s quite possibly the greatest vape I’ve ever used, so screw it, I’m reviewing it instead.

First impressions of the Gio

What did I just say? This thing is awesome. It’s barely bigger than a USB drive, yet has a real weight to it. It’s like a Juul got in Rambo 2 shape. The Nova, on the other hand, looks like a PalmPilot pen. What’s a PalmPilot, you ask? It’s what non-techie apes like me had before we all upgraded to iPhone SEs.

Grenco science gpen gio review
Image: KnowTechie / Kingcongraphy


The Gio didn’t come with any instructions, but lucky for me, it couldn’t be easier to operate. Simply snap one of the Gio’s custom wax cartridges — which double as the device’s mouthpiece — into the battery and boom, you’re ready to go.

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Worried about leaving the Gio on and draining its battery? You don’t have to. You don’t even have to turn the damn thing on or off. The Gio not only lasts longer than almost any portable vape I’ve tried (I’ve been using it semi-regularly for the past two weeks on a single charge of its 180mah battery), but features a buttonless activation that powers off after every usage.

Sick of fiddling between temperamental temperature controls? THE GIO HAS ONLY ONE TEMPERATURE, YOU PEON. It works every time. If you can physically inhale, you can use the Gio.

I can only assume that the Nova LXE, on the other hand, uses some run-of-the-mill battery with a 401k and a reasonable priced Honda Civic in its driveway.

Final thoughts on the G Pen Gio

BUY IT. The battery costs $19.99 and each of its 0.5-gram cartridges (currently available in 4 unique strains) go for $30-$40. Even better yet, Eaze Wellness has just made the cartridges available to ship almost anywhere in the country.

A sample unit of the G Pen Gio was provided for the purpose of this review.

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