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So maybe it will actually be Kia working with Apple on an upcoming Apple Car


Apple car mockup
Image: AutoEvolution (mockup)

There have been talks of an Apple Car for years, but everything seems to now be coming together. In a report from Reuters, Kia Motors refused to name a specific company but said that it was “”reviewing cooperation on self-driving electric cars with multiple foreign firms.”

Then, according to Reuters, online publication Edaily reported that Hyundai, Kia’s parent company, would task Kia with leading the proposed cooperation with Apple.

Both Hyundia and Kia stocks have risen since the news broke.

It’s all very confusing and it seems nothing is set in stone. This is not the first time reports have popped up that Hyundai would play a role in Apple’s electric vehicle.

When the news first broke, Hyundai confirmed it, before taking back that statement. Then, another report from Korea IT News also stated that the two were working together. Since these reports, none of the companies listed above have officially come out and said that a partnership was underway.

So, yeah, maybe Kia is, maybe Kia isn’t. But with reported release dates of 2024, something should be made official sooner rather than later.

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