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Sony and Honda forge new partnership to make electric cars

Expect the first vehicle to arrive in 2025.

Sony and honda electric vehicles
Sony's previous concept EV (Image: Sony)

Your next car might be from Sony. Well, to be more specific, your next electric car might be from Sony. That’s because Sony and Honda are creating a joint venture to manufacture electric vehicles.

As to what that first car will be called, we don’t know yet. Sony and Honda have only signed a memorandum of understanding at this point, which is kind of like a handshake agreement.

The two companies will be forming the as-of-now unnamed company before the end of 2022. Once that’s running, they’re aiming for a 2025 release for their first electric vehicle.

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Honda will be the manufacturing arm, while Sony stuffs the vehicle full of smarts, sensors, and everything else. We expect the vehicles created will also sell through Honda’s dealership network, because it’s already existing.

Maybe there will be an element of online sales, as well, like other well-known EV manufacturers.

“[Sony’s purpose is to] fill the world with emotion through the power of creativity and technology,” says Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida

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We can’t imagine that the EVs created won’t be premium models. Sony doesn’t do anything ‘cheap’ these days, and its sensor expertise is second-to-none.

That could mean the Sony parts of the new electric cars will have premium infotainment systems, driver assistance, and things like cameras instead of mirrors.

Honda is still planning its own range of EVs. Those are being built with a shared list of parts with General Motors, including vehicle platforms. The automaker has set a 2040 deadline to transition to only EVs in its range.

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