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Sony’s latest patent hints at cloud streaming for PS5 games

The company is looking to speed up its cloud gaming servers.

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With cloud gaming shaping up to be the future of gaming in general, Sony is looking to boost its efforts. The company recently published a patent that would help increase the speed of storage at its cloud gaming servers, likely in an effort to make streaming PS5 games possible.

The recent patent was published earlier this month, but the company applied for the patent nearly a year ago. This is actually the second patent that Sony has recently published about improving cloud storage, with the first being published back in September.

The most recent patent details a method that Sony will use to help speed up the cloud gaming servers that it uses. It describes the plan to utilize faster storage solutions, like NVMe SSDs, to stream an actual game.

ps5 cloud gaming patent
Image: Patentscope

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At the same time, it would take advantage of the slower but more cost-effective HDD storage solutions for delivering less-urgently needed user data.

This revelation points to the addition of PS5 games, which take advantage of the faster loading times that come with faster storage, to Sony’s cloud streaming service.

Sony is apparently working on a new streaming service, codenamed Spartacus, that would eventually combine the online services that the company currently offers on PlayStation. Adding in the ability to stream PS5 games could potentially be a huge draw for the new service.

For now, Sony has PlayStation Now, which offers hundreds of PS1, 2, 3, and 4 games that you can stream. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the new Spartacus service launch with the ability to stream at least some PS5 games.

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