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Soulja Boy continues to crank out garbage ‘consoles’

Hop up out the bed, turn my GLARING COPYRIGHT ISSUES on.

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MC Hammer was 2 legit 2 quit in the early ’90s, but we wonder what he’d think of this never-ending line of poorly-made ripoff consoles from Soulja Boy. Probably something like “Boy, don’t touch those.” There are now four ‘consoles’ from the crankin’ rapper, with him releasing two ‘new’ devices under his “SouljaGame” branding.

Seemingly not content with poking the litigious Nintendo by adding (probably) unlicensed ROMs to the SouljaGame Console, now he’s selling the Retro SouljaBoy Mini which looks suspiciously like a GameBoy.

Even the pricing is dodgy, with the white version ‘on sale’ for $69.99, down from $99.99, while the black version is oddly $73.68. No idea where that pricing came from, likely just pulled out of the air, like this whole ill-conceived venture. Oh, and Anbernic is selling the non-Soulja branded handset for $25 on Amazon, so there’s that (still don’t buy one).

It’s just a miniSD card with (most likely) illegal content

Anyway, if you actually spend your money on this thing, you’ll get a mini SDcard (it says TF card, but they’re the same) with 508 games on it. No idea of what that list consists of, other than a few guesses from Mario, Ryu, Metal Slug, and Bill from the Chinese version of Contra being on the instruction manual.

soulja boy knockoff gameboy console

Image: Amazon

Without an official posted list, this probably means it’s all pirated so the developers can’t scrape the details for a lawsuit. Not so sure that’ll save Soulja Boy’s ass, it’s hard to assert IP claims in China, but on an American? Easy as 1, 2, bankrupt.

There’s also a rebranded Fuze console?

The second ‘new’ console released is the SouljaGame FUZE. Now, the Fuze console was released back in 2016, and members of the press called it the “love child of Xbox and PS4.” Presumably, that was a love between cousins, as Fuze’s ‘Tomahawk F1’ video game console was the sum of no parts, with fairly lackluster performance. There’s no reason to believe that this SouljaGame branded version is any different.

Listings for the Fuze say it has a Tegra K1 powering it, which isn’t actually too bad. It likely runs Android, like the original. If you want a streaming box, go buy a Roku and save the rest of the cash. The Fuze console also had AAA developer support, but there’s a catch – all the menus I’ve seen in screenshots are in Chinese. Will the SouljaGame FUZE be in English?

If you want to waste your money on the $399.99 ‘sale’ price, down from $639.98, let me send you my PayPal details. I can promise you that the money will go to better use. At least this one isn’t marked up too badly, as the Dragon Fuze is currently $319 on Aliexpress. Then again, it was ~$140 at launch in China.

Oh, and if you’re not already laughing enough, he wants to start an esports team, as well.

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