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  • warranty stickers are bullshit warranty stickers are bullshit

    FTC comes out and says warranty stickers are bullshit

    Ok, maybe not exactly in those words, but basically.

  • ps4 ps4

    PlayStation 4 sales are down, but the company is making more money than ever

    PlayStation 4 sales are slowing down, but Sony is still turning a profit.

  • best voice recorders on a budget best voice recorders on a budget

    A look at the best digital voice recorders when on a budget

    If you find yourself needing a digital voice recorder, you have some very affordable options

  • spotify hateful conduct policy spotify hateful conduct policy

    Playstation Plus members can get Spotify Premium for a discount right now

    Save a little hard earned cash with this promotional discount from Spotify.

  • psvr psvr

    PlayStation VR is getting another generous discount, again

    Go "all in" for around the same price as a PC-based headset.

  • ps3 ps3

    If you bought an original PlayStation 3, Sony may owe some money

    Free money? Yes, please.

  • PlayStation 4 5.50 update finally out of beta, now available for everybody

    Yay, organization!

  • Far Cry 5 Far Cry 5

    5 games I HAVE to play in March

    Saving the world while escaping prison. It's an exciting month!

  • bloodborne bloodborne

    If you’re a PS Plus member, here’s the games you’re getting for free in March

    Some of the best Sony games within the past 3 years!

  • Want to know when the PlayStation 5 is coming? There are a few guesses floating around

    Hindsight is 2020.

  • sony ps4 playtime sony ps4 playtime

    You can now control how long your kids are playing on their PS4

    5 more minutes, mom!

  • nintendo-switch nintendo-switch

    Has the Nintendo Switch already won the console race?

    You can't argue with the numbers.

  • turtle beach stealth 700 ps4 turtle beach stealth 700 ps4

    Review: Turtle Beach Stealth 700 PS4 headset

    This Turtle Beach Stealth 700 headset for the PS4 is an absolute steal with all the features that are baked right...

  • ps4 games december ps4 games december

    All the free games PlayStation Plus members get in December

    If you're a PlayStation Plus member, these are all the free games you're getting.

  • Roku TV Roku TV

    Best TV’s you can buy for under $500

    In the market for a new TV but don't want to spend an arm and a leg? We got you covered...

  • xbox launch screen xbox launch screen

    Microsoft hints at new Xbox game streaming service within 3 years

    So long hardware, Microsoft is all about the software.

  • Playstation trophies Playstation trophies

    PlayStation trophies can now be used to buy games

    US only...for now.

  • ps plus playstation plus ps plus playstation plus

    Here’s all the free PS4 and PS3 games Sony is giving away in November

    This list is extremely disappointing.

  • super mario odyssey super mario odyssey

    Super Mario Odyssey is officially the highest ranked game of all time

    Damn near perfect.

  • unties unties

    Sony to publish new PC and Nintendo Switch games with new label, Unties

    Sony is cross platforming... kinda

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