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Tesla owners in California can get a 50% discount on Supercharger fees if they charge overnight

Imagine your local gas station doing this.

tesla supercharger
Image: Unsplash

If you’re a Tesla owner living in the state of California and don’t have a home charger, well, you’re in luck because the company is giving owners in the state an incentive to use its Supercharger network during off-peak hours. That incentive is 50% off its charging fees.

Tesla owners who live in California were sent messages via the Tesla app notifying them it’s giving drivers a 50% discount on their charging fees if they plug into a Supercharger between 7 PM and 10 AM. Generally, it’s cheaper to charge vehicles overnight because fewer people are reliant on the electrical grid than during the busy peak hours.

The only kicker with this offering is that it’s not available everywhere. Tesla is only offering this promotion to customers in the state’s major metro areas, primarily in places where owners don’t have access to a home charger and have to rely on public charging stations.

And no word yet if this is a limited-time promotion or something Tesla permanently plans to offer. My guess is this is just a temporary offering because, hey, electricity isn’t cheap, even for Tesla.

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